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Spanish courses

Spanish courses

  • For some, Spanish is the epitome of an erotic language, others just want to know a few bits of Spanish on their South American trip. Whether you are already enthusiastic about this language or would like to dare to learn Spanish, SmartTalk is the right place for you.

  • The Spanish course leader Aura ensures lively lessons and it can happen that she surprises and pampers the course participants with tappas.

  • In class, you will work with modern course materials, with the focus being on practical, everyday Spanish. Module by module, you build up your vocabulary and have plenty of opportunities to speak Spanish.

  • In the small classes with a maximum of 8 participants, you will learn Spanish particularly efficiently.

  • ¡Vamos! Register now and discover the fire of this language.

A Spanish course that suits you

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Basic course A1

A1 courses are suitable if you have little or no previous knowledge. You will learn the basics for common everyday situations.

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Basic course B2

You have a good knowledge. After a B2 course, you will understand the main content of complex topics and you will be able to communicate well with native speakers.


Basic course A2

A2 courses are suitable if you have little prior knowledge. You expand your knowledge of general everyday situations.


Conversation course B2

You have a good knowledge. After a B2 course, you will understand the main content of complex topics and you will be able to communicate well with native speakers.

This course focuses on conversation.

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Basic course B1

You already have intermediate knowledge. In a B1 course, you will learn how to provide related information and justify views on familiar topics.


Conversation course C1

You have very good knowledge. After a C1 course, you will be able to speak and write fluently in all situations, even on complex topics.

In these courses, the focus is on conversation.


Our Spanish teacher

Aura Ocampo


Training and work experience

Studies and diploma in law at the University of Libre de Cali Colombia, moderator for the Open Doors project, FIDE, SVEB I, several years of Spanish classes at private schools


Family, culture, music, salsa


What our customers say

Sabrina O.

THANK YOU dear Smarttalk for the great Spanish course. The four of us were allowed to attend a beginner's course and I had a lot of fun. I can really recommend everyone to attend a course at Smarttalk. TOP support!

Rita S.

I would like to thank my great Spanish teacher Aura. As soon as I have time again, I will definitely attend another course! Many thanks again!

Dario S.

I find the course very useful, especially when it comes to the small groups. The teachers constantly bring us new subject matter with tasks that were not clear to us before. During the course you learn through games, asking questions and interesting lessons.

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