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Private lessons

Individuell Sprachen lernen

Learn languages individually

Would you like to learn a language at your own pace and tailor the content to your individual needs? Then you have come to the right place with our private lessons, because in our private lessons you will receive individual language training. You can acquire language skills for your everyday business life in individual lessons, prepare for an exam or use the private lessons for tutoring. Our native-speaking experts will provide you with personal support tailored to your needs. So you can learn as quickly and as much as you want. We offer private lessons for German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. With our attractive billing models you also enjoy maximum flexibility in terms of price.

  • Personal support: With a language expert at your side, you can learn a language individually and tailored to your needs. This means you get exactly the support you need.

  • Flexible planning: You can decide for yourself when and how often you work with your language coach. You determine the content, timing and duration of the respective language lesson. Private lessons can be booked from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. and can be attended either in person or online.

  • Individual goals:When you start, you set your personal learning goals and schedule with our language experts.Your language expert will guide you in individual lessons and help you learn.

  • Teaching material: We adapt the teaching material to the content of the individual lessons. You can work with course books or with an e-learning platform.

    Blended learning combines the interactivity and range of exercises of e-learning with individual support in private lessons. You will receive unlimited access to an e-learning platform tested and recommended by us for either three or six months and complete exercises tailored to your needs, interests and level. Our language coaches provide you with additional support exactly where you need additional learning. When you start, you will receive the login details from us and our experts will explain to you how the online platform works.

    • Course books: If you would like to work with course books in the private lessons, our language experts will select the appropriate course books for you and we will organize the books for you. The course books are not included in the lesson price.
    • Blended learning:Would you like to learn languages online with individual support? Then our blended learning is suitable for you. For English and French, we offer a combination of individual lessons with exercises on a digital e-learning platform.


  • Cancellation: ​Private lessons can be postponed or canceled up to 24 hours before the start of the lesson; for lessons on Monday, the last date is Friday at 5 p.m. Later cancellations will be charged.

Prices and subscriptions

Monthly billing
 per hour CHF 114.00

  • Flexible times and days.

  • As often as you like.

  • As many lessons as you like.

  • Monthly billing.

CHF 114.00

Subscription 10 private lessons
per hour CHF 109.00

  • Flexible times and days.

  • As often as you like.

  • Book 10 lessons at once.

  • Additional packages can be booked at any time.

  • Price: CHF 1,090 in total(109 CHF per hour).

Fr. 1'090.00

Subscription 20 private lessons
per hour CHF 104.00

  • Flexible times and days.

  • As often as you like.

  • Book 20 lessons at once.

  • Additional packages can be booked at any time.

  • Price: CHF 2,080 in total(104.- CHF per hour).

Fr. 2'080.-

Subscription 30 private lessons
per hour CHF 99.00

  • Flexible times and days.

  • As often as you like.

  • Book 30 lessons at once.

  • Additional packages can be booked at any time.

  • Price: CHF 2,970 in total(99 CHF per hour).

Fr. 2'970.00

Course material

  • Course books: We charge course books at the current market prices as per

  • Blended learning: Access to e-learning platform costs CHF 65.00 for 3 months or CHF 90.00 for 6 months.

Inquire now

This is not a binding booking, you will receive an offer from us.

FAQ about private lessons

When are private lessons particularly suitable?

We recommend private lessons to anyone who wants a high degree of flexibility, either in terms of content or time.


Private lessons are ideal, for example, if you want to expand your language skills for your job. In the lessons, you can then discuss the content you need for your everyday business in a confidential setting and, for example, practice customer discussions or prepare presentations. Experience has shown that participants who are about to take a language exam also benefit from the individual lessons. We will then give you the finishing touches and you can practice exactly those topics again where you are unsure. Private lessons can also be used for tutoring. Gaps in the school material are worked out and you can practice again before exams.

What is the advantage of blended learning?

With blended learning you enjoy maximum flexibility at affordable conditions. Access to the e-learning platform can be used unlimitedly for the agreed duration and you can complete as many exercises as you want, exactly when you have time to learn. You are also not restricted by location: you can access the online platform from anywhere and can attend individual lessons online if you wish.

I only have 45 minutes for a lesson. Is that also possible?

Private lessons can also be booked for 45 or 50 minutes and in this case will be billed per month. The costs per lesson are reduced proportionately.
We do not offer subscriptions for lessons of 45 or 50 minutes.

Can private lessonsto second espbe noticed?

Private lessons can be attended alone or in pairs. If you attend the lessons as a couple, both parties pay half each Lesson price.

I have booked a private lesson subscription and cannot attend all lessons due to moving. Will my money be refunded?


We will not refund any lessons from private lesson subscriptions that are not attended. In this case, we ask you to contact us, as there may be ways in which you can continue to use your subscription. If you plan to move, you can, for example, switch to online lessons.

For how long can I receive the lessons from a subscription?

If you book a private lesson subscription, you should plan to complete the selected number of hours within a yearyear to visit. Subscriptions that are not used for more than a year will be canceledfrom usdisabled.

I receive it when I visit Privalessons a certificate?

After completing the private lessons, you will receive a certificate of participation from us, stating your language level and the number of lessons attended.


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