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Learning languages is more than just grammar and vocabulary

Going the extra mile for you - more than a language course

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Languages and culture

Nothing is more boring than doing exercise after exercise in the same course book every week.

Not so in the SmartTalk courses, you can expect a lot of variety here:

  • You will be surprised with Spanish tabas or Australian Vegimite rolls and immediately learn a lot about the customs and traditions of the instructors' countries of origin.

  • It always gets loud and funny in the classroom when interactive games or quizzes like Kahoot are on the agenda.

  • Entertaining videos and newspaper articles encourage discussion of current topics.

  • Going to the cinema, in which films are viewed and discussed together in the language of learning, are exciting.

  • In the German courses you will get to know the customs of Switzerland and Lucerne. The names of vegetables, colors and prices can be learned in a lively way at the weekly market.

  • Cultural events such as Määs, LiLu or Carnival are not only presented, but also attended together.

  • With Manuel, our professional French-speaking city guide, you will discover the enchanting cities of French-speaking Switzerland as well as museums that are ideal for teaching.

  • German courses make trips into the city to get to know local life.

  • And of course a sociable pub night or a trip to the café are also part of it.

  • German courses make excursions into the city to get to know local life and the sights of Lucerne. The destinations include the Lion Monument, the Chateau Gütsch, the Musegg Wall and the Court Church.


Languages and culture

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