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Language tandem, what is it?

In a language tandem, two people with different mother tongues meet to help each other learn the other language.

For example, Jasmin is a native English speaker and would like to improve her German. At the same time Florian is looking for someone to talk to to practice his English.

They meet and speak sometimes English and sometimes German. In this way, both benefit from the meetings and have the chance to practice speaking in addition to the courses.

The language tandem helps you to speak more and thus learn the foreign language faster. You will also come into contact with new people and friendships will be formed. And the best part about it? The best part is that it's free.

How do I participate?

If you would like to look for a tandem partner, simply add yourself to the list on site. As soon as a possible partner has been found, you can get in touch with each other and arrange meetings on your own. These can be in a café, on a city walk or in a bar. You decide together when, where and how often you want to meet and how you want to spend time together.

How does SmartTalk support the language tandems?

SmartTalk supports language learners to find each other and to improve their language skills together. The offer is voluntary and free of charge. In addition, there are no entitlements to the language tandem. SmartTalk does not organize meetings and is not responsible for the quality of the tandem. you use this offer at your own risk.

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