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Digi-Treff: Support in everyday digital life

In an increasingly digitized world, it can be difficult to keep up. Whether it's setting up an email account, downloading an app, or filling out online forms, the digital landscape can be confusing and intimidating. This is where the Digi-Treff comes into play. This free initiative requires no pre-registration, just show up and get support.


The Digi-Treff at SmartTalk will take place on these dates:

  • Thursday, 05/25/2023 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m

  • Thursday, 06/15/2023 16:00-18:00

  • Thursday, 08/17/2023 16:00-18:00

  • Thursday, 09/21/2023 16:00-18:00

  • Thursday, 19.10.2023 16:00-18:00


What is the Digi-Treff?

The Digi-Treff is a regular, uncomplicated meeting place that supports people with various application questions relating to computers and smartphones. Whether you're having trouble with your device or just want to learn something new - Digi-Treff is here to help.


What does the Digi-Treff do?

The weekly Digi-Treff enables visitors to use their own smartphones or laptops, to clarify questions and to practice using apps, programs or internet platforms. In addition, laptops are available on site. It's about building digital skills and confidence so everyone can reap the benefits of digitalization.


What are the volunteers doing?

Volunteers play a crucial role in Digi-Treff. They are on hand to answer questions and offer advice. They explain things in simple terms and encourage experimentation to promote digital user knowledge. This uncomplicated support helps to reduce fears and promote access to digital processes.


Who are the Digi-Treff partners?

The "Digi-Treff" project is being implemented in a similar form by several regional Caritas organizations in Switzerland and is made possible by the support of Sunrise.



Digitization is here to stay and it is important that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from it. Whether you are a digital native or just starting out, Digi-Treff is there to help you on your digital journey. Come by and see for yourself what Digi-Treff can do for you!

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