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Blended learning

The modern way to learn - flexible, individual, at your own pace and with optimal support.

Blended learning

In blended learning, the interactivity and the range of exercises of e-learning are combined with the individual supervision of private lessons. Learn as quickly and as much as you want with the best possible support.
  • You get unlimited access to the world's leading e-learning platforms and complete programs tailored to your needs.

  • Your personal language expert will discuss the goals with you, guide you and help you learn.

  • The standard package includes 10 lessons with your language expert. These can be flexibly expanded after completion.

  • All levels (beginners A1 to the highest level C2) can be completed with blended learning. It is also possible to cover specific topics such as business English or French for the holidays.

  • The offer is currently available for French and English.
Blended Learning
  • Blended learning package : 10 hours of individual tuition, including access to the e-learning platform for 3 months, 1,090 Swiss francs.
  • One-to-one lesson : Flexible schedule and bookable at any time for 114 Swiss francs
  • E-learning platform : 3 months for 65 Swiss francs, 6 months for 90 Swiss francs
  • The lessons can be agreed with the language expert at any time.

  • The first lesson also includes introducing the e-learning platform and discussing the learning objectives.

  • The lessons must be canceled no later than 24 hours before the start of the lesson, otherwise they will be billed at the full price.

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