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Italian courses

Italian courses

  • SmartTalk's Italian courses are as good as the famous Italian cuisine in the Barbatti restaurant, which is located on the ground floor of the school building - the finest Italianity awaits you with a typically Italian welcome gift.

  • In the Italian courses you will learn this beautiful, melodious language, so that you can assert yourself in our neighboring country Italy, either professionally or while traveling.

  • Modern course books and a varied course management should awaken the joy of learning Italian. In a small study group of max. 8 people you will achieve particularly rapid learning progress. After three modules you can already complete one level completely.

  • You will learn Italian that is close to everyday life and that you can use in your work or in your free time. In the courses, the vocabulary and the grammar are built up step by step and the oral and written expression is worked on.

  • The experienced course instructors come from Italy (Sicily, Apulia and other regions) and teach Italian with humor and enthusiasm.

An Italian course that suits you


Basic course A1

A1 courses are suitable if you have little or no previous knowledge. You will learn the basics for common everyday situations.


Basic course B2

You have a good knowledge. After a B2 course, you will understand the main content of complex topics and you will be able to communicate well with native speakers.


Basic course A2

A2 courses are suitable if you have little prior knowledge. You expand your knowledge of general everyday situations.


Conversation course B2

You have a good knowledge. After a B2 course, you will understand the main content of complex topics and you will be able to communicate well with native speakers.

In these courses, the focus is on conversation.


Basic course B1

You already have intermediate knowledge. In a B1 course you will learn how to provide coherent information and justify views on familiar topics.


Conversation course C1

You have very good knowledge. After a C1 course, you will be able to speak and write fluently in all situations, even on complex topics.

In these courses, the focus is on conversation.


Our Italian team

Our course instructors are experienced in teaching and look forward to your course attendance.

Cristina Rubino

Jusstudium Universität Trapani Italien, seit 2002 Italienischunterricht für Jugendliche und Erwachsene

Mit dem Wohnmobil reisen und lesen
Paola Ramella

Diplom zur Tourismus Fachfrau Rom, Ausweis staatlich anerkannte Reiseleiterin Italien, Ausbildung für Ausbildende (ADA), mehrere Jahre Sprachlehrerin Italienisch, Konversationskurse und Workshops für Lehrer, fachspezifische Sprachkurse und Workshops für MPAs Italienisch, Examinatorin und Expertin QV MPAs Italienisch Kt. Luzern

Familie, Sprachen, Lesen, Spazieren in der Natur, Tanzen, Gesellschaftsfragen
Christian Doerr
USA / Italien

Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs & Marketing, CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) Unterrichtserfahrung auf allen Levels mit Erwachsenen und Teenagers, Business and General English, Hotel und Gastronomie Schulen, Matura Absolventen. Unterrichtserfahrung Italiensisch für Beruf, Freizeit und Alltag

Verschiedene Sportarten, Sprachen lernen, reise, lesen (Geopolitik und Geschichte), Enologie
Rosalia Frongillo

Studium Lingue e Letterature Straniere (Literatur, italienische Sprache und Kultur) an den Universitäten in Rom und Mailand. Über 30 Jahre Erfahrung als Lehrerin für Italienisch, zuerst im Gymnasium und in der KV-Schule und dann als Dozentin Italienisch für Erwachsene. Seit 2006 SVEB und EUROLTA.

lesen, Interesse für Literatur, reisen, kochen, Familie und Italianità-Philosophie
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What our customers say

Ibrahim A.

I like coming to class and although I'm tired after work, the course is fun.

Heike E.

I always enjoyed going to class. In addition to the very varied lessons, the teacher has also built a personal relationship with the students.

Delvina M.

I have had a very good experience with SmartTalk and I am completely satisfied. I would definitely choose SmartTalk a second time and recommend it to others

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