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Learn German with SmartTalk

German courses at all levels, in the evening and intensive courses

A German course that suits you

Power German, Intensivkurse jeden Tag Montag-Freitag 2 Stunden

Power German - German intensive courses

Learn German in the shortest possible time at attractive prices. The intensive courses take place in the morning and afternoon.

Aufbaukurse Deutsch, 2x pro Woche Abendkurse

Basic German courses (small groups)

Learn German in small groups in a pleasant atmosphere. The courses are in the evening once or twice a week.

Prüfungsvorbereitung Goethe und Telc

Exam preparation - Goethe or Telc

Prepare for the exam with experienced teachers and in individual courses. Private lessons are possible at any time.

In small study groups you will learn German quickly, correctly and inexpensively.


Our German Team

Our course instructors are experienced in teaching and look forward to your course attendance.


What our customers say:

Steven S.

Lea is a great teacher. Patient, clear in her explanations, creative, dynamic, fun, thoughtful. Keeps one's attention and interest in the class and the language.

John K.

The class is extremely enjoyable. Florian makes the class that way from the content and the questions. He gets you really involved. Whoever is running the school seems to know what they are doing.

Rose D.

Sarah is particularly good at differentiating the lesson content to the different people and levels in the group. She very subtly notices where people are struggling and helps them without pointing the spotlight. Really excellent teaching skills. Sarah is a really skilled, intelligent and charming teacher.


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