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  • The DELF and DALF diplomas are known worldwide and enjoy international recognition. They certify a corresponding level of French and thus increase your chances on the job market. More information about Delf B1 , Delf B2 , Dalf C1 or Dalf C2 .

  • Doesn't the idea of a French exam seem particularly tempting at this point in time? - No reason to worry! Even in French, no master has fallen from heaven. Our French experts prepare you step by step and in a targeted manner for your exam.



You already have intermediate knowledge. In a B1 course, you will learn how to provide related information and justify views on familiar topics.



You have very good knowledge. After a C1 course, you will be able to speak and write fluently in all situations, even on complex topics.



You have a good knowledge. After a B2 course, you will understand the main content of complex topics and you will be able to communicate well with native speakers.



You have a command of the language almost as well as a native speaker. In the C2 courses you work on the final subtleties of the language.

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Exam courses

  • Exam courses take place once a week.

  • The courses last 75-90 minutes.

  • The entry is possible at any time.

  • The courses are taught by Delf / Dalf experts.

  • Modern teaching aids are used.

  • You can find detailed start dates and prices in the course finder .

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What our customers say

Jasmin K.

Jade does good homework corrections, gives good feedback, speaks at a comfortable pace and appears very authentic. She is a great course instructor who I will definitely recommend!

Simone K.

Jade prepares varied lessons, which aim very precisely at the preparation for the diploma. She is also a very open and happy person and there are always interesting discussions with her in class. I can highly recommend the diploma courses!

Franziska T.

Jade Dell'Eva knows exactly how the French exams work and this is very helpful.

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