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Creating added value for your company

Strengthen employee loyalty and improve your team's know-how at the same time. Language skills are essential in many areas of everyday business.

This is how we organize your company course

Together with our contacts for company courses, we create specific formats for your needs. The process is uncomplicated, quick and very personal.

Course formats for company courses

Whether business English for negotiations or French for everyday business - our course formats are diverse. Learn more about the common formats.


Added value for companies


Well-functioning communication in the
Everyday business requires that you speak a common language. Quality
Language skills open the doors to the
international business community and help with
the integration of foreign language

Florian Rieder

SmartTalk manager

  • Language courses are training opportunities that are highly valued by employees. Confidence in negotiating a foreign language has a positive effect on business development.

  • Linguistic further training offers create a team and promote integration . Employees with insufficient language skills can integrate better and faster into existing work teams through targeted support.

  • Good language skills create confidence when dealing with customers, business partners and employees who speak other languages.

  • In addition to language skills, course participants also acquire a great deal of technical know-how , such as telephony or presentation skills, in language courses.

  • Companies that operate internationally and want to expand benefit from intercultural knowledge that is imparted by native speaker instructors.


References and quality assurance

The business department of our school has been working with renowned companies in Central Switzerland for many years. Here you will find a selection of business cases.

Mobility: French

French and English courses for better internal communication between the departments. The courses take place weekly in-house and help employees to improve continuously.

Bucherer: English Business

Business courses over lunchtime to prepare employees for upcoming tasks and to advance international projects. The courses can be held on site, at the school in Lucerne or online.

Maxon: German courses

German courses promote basic work-related skills that are necessary in production processes.

SmartTalk is EduQua certified and works with all known institutions in the language sector.

Quality and partner

Reach your goal in just a few steps



Set goals

In a first step, the goals and content of the language courses are defined and
recorded by means of an offer that also includes prices and destinations. It will
defines which quality assurance measures are used.


Conducting courses

Course participants receive information about the courses on offer. You will mean
online placement tests assigned to homogeneous groups. When the course starts, the
Course leader presented and the course material handed over.


quality control

During the course time, tests and surveys are used to determine success
measure up. You will receive course reports that provide information on the attendance and progress of the
Give to participants. At the end, the participants receive a course certificate
that they will be proud.


Which courses are available?


Company-specific courses

Promote language skills that specifically focus on corporate communication issues. The focus is on communication at the workplace, with employees or business partners. Industry-specific vocabulary or telephony skills can be the focus.


advanced courses

Convey basic skills in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish. In these courses, basic knowledge and vocabulary are built up. Furthermore, the correct pronunciation is worked on, the understanding of the text promoted, the grammar principles worked out and sentence structure and structure practiced.


Diploma courses

Prepare for internationally recognized diplomas and are very popular for the professional qualification of employees. The SmartTalk team has many course instructors who also work as exam experts for test organizations such as Cambridge or Delf / Dalf.


Prices and more

Attractive prices

The prices for in-house language courses vary from CHF 119 to CHF 159 per hour, depending on the size of the group. We give a discount for several consecutive courses. The exact prices are given on request.

Flexible course times

For groups of 3 to 12 participants, we recommend a minimum duration of 60 minutes per course day. Faster progress is achieved with 75 and 90 minutes per day of the course. Possible
are also courses at off-peak times or over lunchtime.


Course material, e-learning

The course books are carefully selected and complemented with additional material and e-learning tasks. This keeps the lessons lively and the goals set
are achieved.

Self study

In order to deepen the subject matter, we recommend that the participants solve tasks independently after the course. How much time should be invested for this can be defined with the personnel management.


Our company brochure for download

You can download our company brochure here. We would be happy to advise you personally at any time: | 041 220 23 19


The most frequently asked questions about our company courses

Read more about our in-house courses and the most important questions here. We will be happy to provide you with further information in a personal conversation

What languages and subjects does SmartTalk specialize in?

We teach English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Our in-house offer includes basic courses, business courses and industry-specific courses. The language lessons take place in groups or as individual lessons.

Where does SmartTalk offer company courses?

The company courses take place either at your location or at our school in the center of Lucerne. On-site company courses offer the advantage that the course times can be adapted to your operational processes and that your employees do not have to spend any additional travel expenses.

What are the typical contents of company courses?

We often practice everyday situations with employees, such as writing e-mails and general correspondence, making phone calls or holding customer meetings, as well as presentations and negotiations. We also offer industry and subject-specific training. In the classroom, we put a lot of emphasis on oral expression and listening and reading comprehension. In each lesson, the course participants have the opportunity to apply the language skills they have acquired in an everyday and job-specific context.

What duration does SmartTalk recommend for company courses?

For groups of 6 to 12 participants, we recommend a minimum course duration of 60 minutes per course day. Faster progress is achieved with 75 and 90 minutes per day of the course. It is important to choose the course time in such a way that the course attendance is well integrated into the daily work routine and, if possible, all course participants can attend the course regularly.

When is one-to-one tuition beneficial?

One-to-one tuition is particularly suitable for employees who are very busy with their time and where language tuition must therefore be planned very flexibly. Even if an employee has specific teaching requirements, one-to-one tuition can lead to the goal most efficiently.

What is the exact process from the inquiry to the start of the course?

In order to precisely determine the training requirements, we will hold a detailed initial meeting with you, which is advantageous directly at your company. Based on this discussion, we create a course plan, which includes the course objectives, the time required and the budget. The course schedule serves as the basis for our offer. There is also the option of a free trial lesson on site so that you can get to know our offer even better.

As soon as we have the go for the courses, we will email your employees to take our online placement test. The placement test consists of 25 multiple choice questions and can be completed in around 10 minutes. With the help of the results, we group your employees into classes, invite them to the courses after consultation with you and procure the teaching material.

What course materials are used in the courses?

We use different course materials depending on the course objective and level. We discuss the use of the course materials with the HR department and then organize this for all participants.

What distinguishes the SmartTalk course instructors and what are their qualifications?

All of our course instructors teach in their mother tongue and are proven experts in language teaching. You regularly take part in further training and make the lessons modern and efficient.

How do we know whether the employees actually attend the courses and how their language skills are improving?

The learning progress of the employees and the attendance in the courses are recorded. Tests on learning progress can also be carried out on request. This information is made available to the HR department.

Do the employees receive a course certificate?

Your employees will receive a course certificate from our school, which shows the language taught, the language level, the training period and the number of lessons.

How high are the costs and how is it billed?

Our cost rates are for 60 minutes. If you book consecutive courses, you will receive a 10% discount. In addition, the course books and, depending on the location, travel expenses will be charged. The course costs and expenses are billed monthly.

How does SmartTalk check the quality of the courses?

We regularly conduct surveys to find out how satisfied our employees are with the courses. The results of the surveys are then discussed with the HR managers.

Are there any references?

The business department of our school has been working with renowned companies in Central Switzerland for many years. Above you will find a selection of business cases.   Our clientele includes well-known companies from Central Switzerland that are active internationally or that will increasingly do so in the future. We teach employees who want to improve their foreign language skills as well as expats who live here and want to learn German.

Why should we choose SmartTalk for our company courses?

We offer language courses at the highest level at advantageous conditions. We are small, flexible and fully tailored to your needs. Our lessons are personal and should motivate and inspire your employees.

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SmartTalk is EduQua certified and works with all known institutions in the language sector.

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