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Learning the language and culture with excursions

You don't just learn the language with a textbook. With SmartTalk, the focus is not only on vocabulary and grammar, but also on the culture of the language. Only those who understand the culture are able to understand the language. This happens in many ways and is strongly dependent on the personality of the course instructors. The native-speaking teachers at SmartTalk like to take their classes on a trip to their home country.

Customer aperitif at SmartTalk, in each room there are culinary delights from a different country.

City tours of a special kind

Part of every German course is an excursion in the city. For the beginner courses, these are typically city tours that resemble a tourist tour. The higher the level, the greater the interaction. Advanced students present interesting places or prepare their own tours. All courses focus on togetherness; birthdays and successful graduations are celebrated together. In this way, friendships develop during the courses that go beyond the lessons.

Day trips to French-speaking Switzerland

French groups are drawn a little further afield. City tours in French-speaking Switzerland are very attractive for both the course participants and the course leaders. New experiences and exciting tours in lesser-known areas of Switzerland beckon. Together with professional guides, you will explore the cities of French-speaking Switzerland, be it Fribourg, Neuchâtel or Murten. Of course, lunch together, visits to the cinema or shopping tours are also part of the programme.


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